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HI- I’m Christa, AKA The Food Fanatic & Exercise Enthusiast. The purpose of this site is to share my experience and love for food and fitness. I have been working in fitness on some level for over 6 years and have made it my full time career for the last 2 years. Health and fitness can be a tricky thing. There is so much information out there about what “healthy” is. My goal is to help my clients understand that it’s more than just a clothing size, it’s about how you feel inside and out.

I teach a number of different fitness formats but specialize in Pilates. I believe this is the one fitness format that truly is for EVERY BODY. Whether you are an athlete, newcomer to fitness, or wanting to focus on posture and flexibility, Pilates can help!

If you live in the Ann Arbor,MI area and would like to learn more, please contact me. I would love to talk with you more about how I can help you reach your goals!

Qualifications- American Council of Exercise (ACE) Fitness Instructor, ACE Mind Body Specialist (Pilates,Yoga), Stott Pilates Comprehensive Training, Barre, HIIT, Strength Training


What is Pilates?

Pilates, pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates, is a mind-body exercise system designed to optimize physical fitness in people at every level of physical ability. Pilates (1880–1967) was a German expatriate who first made his mark in England during WWI by developing a series of exercises and innovative equipment to help prisoners of war regain strength and mobility. When Joseph Pilates immigrated to New York, the local professional dance community discovered that his conditioning technique, called ‘Contrology’ helped prevent injury and improve strength while maintaining long, even muscle tone.

What are the benefits of PILATES?

Builds core strength and stability

Improves posture and alignment

Increases flexibility, balance and coordination

Improves muscular balance and strength

Increases muscular endurance and tone

Prevents injury and heightens body awareness

Enhances athletic performance

Relieves stress and back pain

Why is Pilates one of the fastest growing methods of exercise?

People are increasingly interested in fitness modalities that help relieve stress and are kinder and gentler to the body, as well as the prevention of injuries with exercise programs that can be continued even as they age. People want to stay fit and functional, and to continue to look good for as long as possible. Pilates is an excellent choice for individuals of all ages and fitness levels who have a variety of fitness goals. Pilates is complementary to many traditional fitness routines and the mind-body connection can be useful in preventing stress related illnesses like heart disease

Can anyone do Pilates?

No form of exercise is appropriate for absolutely everyone, but the PILATES method is appropriate for most people. As with any training program, always consult with a medical professional before beginning. A modified program created by myself may be recommended if you have any physical limitations. Everyone from serious fitness enthusiasts to rehab patients, elite athletes, and older clients will see a difference

I have a bad back. Will I be able to do Pilates?

Although you should always consult your physician before starting any fitness routine, a Pilates workout is gentle and controlled with a focus on core strength and stability. It is also important, however, that you work with a qualified Instructor to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly and avoiding movements that may not be recommended for your condition. As an experienced Instructor I am able to modify the exercises to accommodate your limitations, continually challenge you within your ability, and monitor your improvements. Progress may be slow, but a consistent workout schedule with appropriately chosen exercises with attention and focus will ensure you see results

Can Pilates help me lose weight? If so, how much?

Pilates can be a positive addition to your overall weight-loss program. Weight loss occurs when the number of calories consumed is less than the number of calories expended. The most successful and healthy way to achieve weight loss is an exercise plan that includes an aerobic component coupled with a strength training element, such as PILATES exercise, and following a balanced diet. Combining Pilates with cardiovascular exercise also offers additional benefits: greater mind-body connection, improved posture, flexibility and functionality

Is it true athletes that do Pilates?

Despite its slow, careful movements, Pilates is not for wimps! Many pro athletes have discovered the benefit of Pilates exercises, such as NBA stars Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, Soccer great David Beckam, professional golfer Tiger Woods and entire teams such as the NBA’s Orlando Magic and Washington Wizards, MLB’s Milwaukee Brewers and the NFL’s Detroit Lions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Green Bay Packers have all realized the advantage of incorporating PILATES equipment and instruction in training. PILATES can help athletes gain a different perspective on how their bodies function and perform.

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